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The OSHA 10-hour construction training course is intended to provide construction workers with a basic knowledge of the most common safety and health hazards found on many construction sites. The OSHA 10-hour construction training course also gives students an overview of how the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) operates and how their rights are protected under the OSH Act of 1970. There are no prerequisites required to take the 10-hour construction course, but to keep you informed about the course and what it teaches, experts at Hazwop.com have explained it in detail in this blog.

Our online OSHA training teaches safety awareness and helps each worker recognize and reduce the risks of job site hazards. This fully narrated and interactive training is intended as an orientation to OSHA standards and covers safety and health hazards workers may face on construction work sites. The online OSHA 10-Hour Construction course addresses how to recognize, avoid, abate, and prevent safety and health hazards in the workplace.

Course topics include:
1. Introduction to OSHA

2. Workers’ rights

3. Employer responsibilities

4. How to file a complaint

5. OSHA inspections

6. Focus Four Hazards (fall hazards, electrocution hazards, caught-in or –between hazards, struck-by hazards)

7. How to identify, select, and use personal protective equipment (PPE)

8. Major construction site health hazards, including acute and chronic hazards

9. Material handling hazards

10. Hand and power tools

11. Identifying positive and negative safety cultures

12. Leading cultural change on the job

13. The roles of the workforce and management in safety culture

Our OSHA 10-Hour Construction course was designed for construction workers and other employees who need their OSHA 10-Hour Card to seek or maintain employment.

Who should take this course?
Any industrial worker or individual who is likely to face workplace hazards can take up this course. That said, it is particularly designed for:

1. Construction workers

2. Foremen

3. Job supervisors

4. Construction site inspectors

5. All personnel responsible for construction-related projects

6. Workers on publicly funded projects in the following states:

a. Connecticut (Note: These professionals must recertify every five years.)

b. Massachusetts

c. Missouri

d. Nevada

e. New Hampshire

f. New York

g. Rhode Island

This course is not intended for workers in general industry or road construction. Construction personnel subject to the regulations of the New York City Department of Buildings should not take this course. Due to more strident California state-level safety regulations, California-based construction professionals should not take this course.

OSHA 10-Hour Construction training is designed for entry-level workers in construction, demolition, building development, and other fields in the construction industry. Certain employers, unions, states, and other jurisdictions require OSHA 10, but OSHA considers it a voluntary program.

Why do the course?
Course participants will gain a clear understanding of safety hazards in the workplace, OSHA construction industry standards, and more. Upon completing this course, they will receive a certificate that confirms they’ve passed with a score of at least 70% and a valid DOL/OSHA 10-Hour Card. This online course costs $57.00, and those interested can find it on our website by clicking here.

For other options, individuals can complete the white label 360 Training 10-Hour Construction Safety Certification through Hazwop.com or take the OSHA Outreach 10-Hour Construction Training. Both cover the same topics and satisfy the training requirements. The private white label course is available at a slightly lower price.

If you are looking for an online training portal for OSHA HAZWOPER 10-hour and 30-hour courses, then reach out to Hazwop.com. You can give us a call at (866) 959-6230 or email us at info@Hazwop.com. We are the online training portal for OSHAHAZWOPER courses, occupational health and safety training, environmental safety, MSHA training, forklift, heavy equipment, 10-hour and 30-hour general industry and construction safety certifications, underground storage tank training, and transportation safety courses. All of our interactive courses are 100% online and can work from any location on any device, which allows you the flexibility to complete your training at your time and convenience. A printable certificate of completion is available at the end of the course.

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Hours: 8
Price: $49.00